october mini model build: robot

The Monthly Mini Model Build for October is an awesome robot!

Veering away from the cutesy animals, the LEGO Store went full droid mode for their building activity this month. Compared to previous models, the brick built robot's design is a little complicated with all its small pieces and articulated parts. But not really intricate enough so kids assembling it will still manage just fine. I was really delighted to see a transparent light blue 2x2 round brick for I usually see it in the old LEGO Dimensions sets. Then the delight quickly turned into sadness when I remembered that the theme is about to be discontinued real soon. (I just realized that I haven't posted anything about that game, my favorite game ever! Hmmm...).

The color palette for the adorable automaton is a bit on the minimal side, though it worked perfectly, I must say. The color scheme made it look like a medical bot. I can imagine it assisting a health care professional in whatever aseptic task to be done. It al…

LEGO ninjago movie annual 2018 review

2017 is almost over. And what's best to remind the people in the United Kingdom of that than next year's annuals! Starting of with The LEGO Ninjago Movie Official Annual 2018...
But first, a brief reminder of what annuals are. They are books published shortly before the end of each year, with the Christmas market as their target. Generally, annuals are large hardcover books centered on everything: sports, toys, celebrities, films, TV series... Everything! They feature various contents like text articles, comics, puzzles, etc. And some of them have freebies, like the LEGO ones. For 2018, four LEGO Annuals were released, namely, LEGO, LEGO Batman Movie, LEGO Ninjago Movie, and LEGO Star Wars. Interestingly, the LEGO one is published by Ladybird, and the other three are by Egmont. All of them have a recommended retail price of £7.99. But you can buy one at more or less half the price! Different book and toy stores have various promotions on these popular annuals. And if you can wa…

lloyd [30609] & wu key chain [5004915] reviews

Or alternatively, UK LEGO Store LEGO Ninjago Movie Promotions...

Better late than never! The promotions may have started since 15 September, but they won't end until at least the end of October. So, there's still plenty of time!

For the first promotion, it's only available at LEGO Stores. You can get a free exclusive LEGO Ninjago Movie Lloyd [30609] minifigure with any purchase over £25. The offer is valid from 15 September to 29 October, or while stocks last. And it is limited to one set per household.

At first I thought the free minifigure (pictured middle below) is the same as the ones from the LEGO Ninjago Movie Collectible Minifigure Series [71019] (pictured left- and right-most) but, as you can see, it's not. It may have shared a lot of elements with other Lloyd minifigures, but the one in the [30609] set has exclusive printings on his head and torso. The torso print is really interesting in the sense that it was caught halfway in transformation from being Lloyd Gar…

exclusive lester minifigure now available in #LEGOStoreLondon!

Finally! Lester!

The rumors are true! As reported almost a year ago (yes, it has been almost a year since the biggest LEGO Store in London has opened), more Lester minifigures have been released!

In case you have forgotten, Lester is the official mascot of the LEGO Store London. He was featured heavily in the grand opening promotions, and also in the store design. The quintessential gentleman was said to spark an unexpectedly huge interest among brick fans that the initial plan of featuring him only in print and as an actual mascot was refined the last minute to convert him into brick form as well. During that time, there were only 275 ultra-exclusive Lester minifigures produced (no thanks to the limited and previously discontinued bowler hat piece). During the opening promotions, Lester can only be randomly obtained via a scratch card after a £55 (or more) purchase. He became super rare that a Lester minifigure was listed in the secondary market for up to £3500!
But now, for only £5.99,…

disney castle [71040] gallery

It's the LEGO Disney Castle [71040]! Need I say more?

My ever-loving wife bought the magical LEGO Disney Castle [71040] for her milestone birthday (and on triple VIP points with about £50 cashback!). As she claimed sole ownership to this huge set, I let her build it on her own. She actually enjoyed the long hours of solo building. She promised me to do a review on her favorite LEGO property. But as this post has sat on my drafts folder for a few months now, I'm just going to do a gallery instead. Until that promised review was done, this post will remain a gallery (ehem, ehem).


unikitty x N-POP girl

Sugar and spice, and everything nice. That's what Princess Unikitty and the N-POP Girl are made of!

When The LEGO Movie was released, there were two characters who stole the whole film. One already has released his own feature film (ahem, The LEGO Batman Movie), and the other will soon have her own TV series. Who's that and what show? It's Unikitty!! (That's not a typo. The title really has an exclamation point).

Unikitty hails from Cloud Cuckoo Land, the capital of rainbows and puppies. She is half unicorn, half anime kitten, and one endless dance party. But don't let her facade fool you. She is one of the LEGO Master Builders who defeated Lord Business! And be careful! Sometimes, Unikitty can lose control of her positive nature and get enraged. She then becomes the red Angry Kitty.

The only Unikitty brick built figure that I have is from the LEGO Dimensions [71231]. I was still in my dark brick ages when The LEGO Movie sets first came out. I'll try to hunt down …

BB-8 [75187] review


I mentioned before that I fell in love with BB-8 [75187] set ever since I saw it in the previews, and I'm sure I'll fall deeper once I've built it. True enough, I did.

Before we go to the adorable droid, can we talk about the box first?

The packaging for The Last Jedi looks very sophisticated and futuristic with its white and red color scheme. It literally goes with anything. Then the LEGO logo in red made everything perfect, complementing the whole look of the box.

As if the brick built BB-8 is not adorable enough, the set comes with a minifigure as well. I remember two years ago, with the release of The Force Awakens, it's quite difficult to obtain this famous astromech droid in brick form. Now, it's in almost every LEGO Star Wars set (but that's not a problem. One can never have enough brick droids). The chase minifigure status has now been passed to its emo version, BB-H8 BB-9E, which is so far only included in Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter [75179] and in th…